Our local partners

Etatu aims to empower local groups so that they can take an active part in determining their own future.

Etatu works in partnership with dedicated and creative individuals and community groups, supporting their aspirations and plans.  We provide them with materials and resources, links to interested parties, training and encouragement.

We support the following Community Based Organisations (CBOs) in Mwaembe Village, Msambweni:

Mwaembe Community Charitable Trust (MCCT)

Four years ago, MCCT bought land and built a community house in Mwaembe village. This was achieved with the generous help of a variety of donors in Kenya, the UK, the USA, Canada as well as Etatu Trustees.

The site has many uses: an orphans’ feeding scheme; a shamba to grow food; a meeting place for community groups; a quiet place for children to study.

Kassim (pictured on the right) is the caretaker and manager of the MCCT plot.

Msambweni Orphans’ Programme (MOP)

Thirty-six children who are orphans meet once a week for a nutritious meal and time and space to play. MOP keeps an eye on their health and progress in school and acts if necessary.  The time the children spend at MOP represents important respite time for carers, many of whom are grandmothers living on their own.

The scheme began in 2004, set up by a group of men and women in their twenties. The group changed its management and adopted the name ‘MOP’ in 2014 and Etatu became involved.

Etatu helps with organisational management and fundraising.  We supply uniforms and school supplies for primary aged children and will fund secondary fees or vocational training costs for most of the older orphaned children.

Mwaembe Jigger-Free Clinic

Salim runs a clinic helping to rid children and old people of jiggers. We are delighted to fund him.   A ‘jigger’ is a fly which burrows into the skin and lays its eggs there; jiggers are particularly prevalent on hands and feet. They can be very painful and certainly prevent children from being able to walk to school.

Salim runs a weekly clinic at the MCCT site and visits old people who are unable to leave their homes.  A registered doctor voluntarily monitors after-care. Shoes remain the best preventative measure against jiggers: we welcome donations of flip flops or ‘crocs’ or money to buy Bata’s ‘Pata Pata’ flip flops; £10 buys six pairs.

Msambweni Turtle and Marine Conservation Trust (MTMCG)

Etatu’s community Learning Banda is on the MTMCG plot.  Our working relationship is important – and a wonderful one.

A little about MTMCG:  It was set up in 2004 and is run entirely by volunteers under the leadership and guidance of Hussein Ali.

Its mission is to help conserve the environment and natural resources of Msambweni. It protects Green and Hawksbill turtles and other marine life, educates fishermen and the community and promotes sustainable fishing livelihoods.

Our Partners

You may have been directed to our web-site by one of these groups having visited or been in touch with them.  If you would like to send them a donation, you can do so through us.  Please get in touch and we’ll arrange it.

How your donation can help

Education is seen as a route out of poverty and a tool against radicalisation.  Recent incidents in Kenya have had a negative impact on the tourist industry all along the coast, even in those areas far removed from the violence. More than ever, assistance towards a life with a secure income is important.

£2  ensures two children who are orphaned receive a wholesome and nutritious meal

£10 protects six children from jiggers by buying a pair of flip flops for each of them

£25 buys ‘School in a Bag’ – school uniform, shoes, essential stationery and a solar light in a sturdy bag made in Mombasa

£50 provides five orphans with robust school shoes, a compulsory part of school uniform.

£100 supports the feeding scheme for thirty six orphans for a month

£200 provides a year’s training for an aspiring mechanic

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