What we do

Our Rationale

We believe in the transformative power of education – few experiences in life can make as much difference as learning or acquiring knowledge. Etatu aims to improve the life-chances and standard of living of the inhabitants of Msambweni, Kenya, through raising achievement in school, building confidence and developing skills.

Etatu’s aims

Etatu aims to raise standards of education and thereby to raise hope, aspiration and prospects – so that children can progress from primary schooling to vocational or secondary schooling; so that people can compete effectively for any jobs that become available, better access enterprise funding, or develop their own businesses. They can then more readily improve the material conditions of their lives themselves.

We would like to help build a community which is resourceful: “ingenious, capable, full of initiatives, especially in difficult circumstances.”

Etatu’s work


Etatu’s focus is education. Our current priorities are:

  • Ensuring that children in the Msambweni Orphans’ Programme can go to school
  • Raising achievement, by improving standards and making learning enjoyable
  • Promoting and providing for girls’ education
  • Completing our Community Learning Banda


A quality education must be complemented by income generation opportunities if people are to escape poverty.

We aim to help individuals find lasting ways to increase the prosperity of their family and their community.


Education empowers individuals.  In addition, Etatu assists and advises local groups which are striving to help others and to shape and secure the future of the community. 

Who you help to support

Individuals and families

Etatu works with children; with families who rely on farming and fishing for subsistence; with those who are orphans; with people living with or affected by HIV and Aids and with women who are living or raising children on their own.

Community Groups

Etatu shares the vision of and supports several Community Based Organisations. The link “Our local Partners” tells you more about this work.

How your donation can help

£10 treats a child who has contracted malaria and buys them a net

£35 runs a jigger clinic for one month

£60 sponsors an orphan’s primary schooling for a year – providing a uniform, shoes, books, a nutritious weekly meal and basic hygiene and healthcare necessities.

£100 supports a widowed woman for six months, enabling her to keep her children at school and feed her family

£240 sponsors a vocational training course for a year

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