Etatu’s Work


Etatu’s focus is education.

Our current priorities are:

  • Working with Msambweni Primary School to improve achievement.
  • Facilitating secondary education, particularly for girls, through school sponsorship.
  • Managing the Etatu Learning Banda, a community library and meeting space.
  • Ensuring that vulnerable children stay healthy and go to school.
  • Promoting the preservation of the marine and village environment.

Who you Help to Support

Your donations help to support families. This includes families who are raised by a single mother, those who have been affected by HIV and Aids, those who rely on fishing for their livelihood and children who have been orphaned. Etatu provides the means to ensure that their children can go to school and gain qualifications for a brighter future. As well as paying school fees and providing uniforms and school supplies, we offer school lunches for the poorest, aiding concentration throughout the school day.

It doesn’t stop there – we support families every step of the way, such as by arranging eye tests, buying glasses, treating jiggers and providing mosquito nets, thereby improving achievement and making sure that fewer school days are lost through illness.

We Encourage Girls

Etatu values and encourages girls’ education. More than two-thirds of those we sponsor at secondary level are girls. The significance of secondary education for a girl is profound. This document explains the importance of schooling to a girl, to her family and to her community: READ MORE

This film presents the case clearly and succinctly.

Many girls skip up to 20% of the school year because they cannot afford to buy mainstream sanitary products when they menstruate. This absenteeism and interruption to their education has significant consequences on their achievement. To address this, we provide sanitary products to all the girls we support. We offer environmentally sustainable, reusable sanitary pads whenever possible and have trained women to distribute them to small groups of girls.

We Work with Community Groups

Etatu shares the vision of and supports several Community Based Organisations. Etatu funds the Msambweni Orphans’ Programme (MOP) and supports the Msambweni Turtle and Marine Conservation Group. ‘See more in our ‘Local Partners’ section’.

How your Donation Can Help

£10 treats a child who has contracted malaria and buys them a net.

£18 supplies a primary pupil’s school bag, filled with school stationery and a solar light.

£35 provides secondary schooling at a boarding school for one month, including fees, meals and books.

£50 runs the jigger clinic for one term at Msambweni Primary School.

£60 enables an orphan’s primary schooling for a year – providing uniform, shoes, books, meals and basic hygiene and healthcare necessities and paying for school levies.

£85 buys a robust bicycle for a pupil at a secondary day school.

£100 assists a community teacher for one month.